Our Activism

Check out photos from some of our favourite excursions and events. Surrey Pride, Artbombs, history exhibits and more!

Artbomb in the Grove 2019

We’re back at it again with our Artbomb in The Grove in Newton, Surrey. Tag us on Instagram if you see our art! @youth_4achange

2019 Surrey Pride

We had an absolute blast at Surrey Pride in July 2019! We shared our poetry and spoken word pieces with the community and met some amazing new friends! Leave us a comment if you where there!

LGBT Elder Abuse Awareness Campaign

In a unique inter-generational project, that brought together queer youth  (“Youth for a Change”) with queer senior citizen creative writers (“Quirk-e“),  Gloria Gutman and her team from Simon Fraser University’s Gerontology Research Centre  created a set of videos and posters and fact sheets designed to raise awareness and address elder abuse in the LGBTQ community.  These … Continue reading LGBT Elder Abuse Awareness Campaign

Then and Now April 2013

The occasion was Richmond’s first Anti-Homophobia and Transphobia event. YfAC represented ‘the now’ and performed poems and spoken word pieces; presented visual art pieces and shared personal experiences. QUIRK-E (queer, creative seniors) represented the ‘then’ with readings presented by various members.  

Surrey Library Event

To coincide with the week leading up to Surrey Pride festival in June 2015 YfAC co-hosted an LGBTQ+ Young Adult Literature event in conjunction with Surrey Libraries. We had an opening piece by LGBTQ+ YA Literature expert Rob Bittner and then discussion from panel made up of two of our members. It was great fun … Continue reading Surrey Library Event

Call and Response

Y4AC learned about QUIRK-E which is a queer seniors’ writing collective. Our group were very interested in learning about what elder queer people experienced when they were younger and how their experiences being queer are now, who doesn’t love stories? We started writing together, we sent questions and writing/creating artistic responses, sometimes meeting to workshop … Continue reading Call and Response

Artbomb in The Grove

Art Bomb. In summer of 2015 YfAC orchestrated and implemented an Art Bomb in The Grove in Newton. The installation featured a variety of visual and written works following a central theme of ‘What it means to be a young queer person in today’s society’. It was in place from end June to Labour Day … Continue reading Artbomb in The Grove