The only qualification for membership is to be LGBTQ or an ally and be 13 to 21 years of age. You don’t have to live in Surrey. You do have to be prepared to educate yourself and to participate. Not everyone does public speaking but everyone is engaged and part of our decision making and advocacy at some level.

Looking for a Student Practicum/Placement?

We do take students for work experience for college and university.  Please contact

Interested in volunteering?

There are two ways of volunteering, the first is as an adult (over 25), the second is as a Peer Leader (over 20-24). Both require a successful interview with one of the Co-Founders and a Youth representative and a Criminal Record Check. If you wish to be available to drive youth you will also need a Drivers’ Abstract and enhanced liability insurance.

Want to support us?

We gratefully accept donations both monetary and in-kind (eg non perishable food items, raffle prizes etc). Please contact