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The images that make up a stack are called slices. Demander un nouveau mot de passe Devenir membre Basic file operations Open, Save, Print, etc. Nevertheless, with IJ 1. As explained in Using Keyboard Shortcuts, this notation implies Shift-modifiers i.

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Shift Shift-clicking appends the traced area to previously traced selections Alt Alt-clicking removes the traced area from previously traced selections See also: At the center of the color ramp are enlarged red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, and yellow colors for quick selection. If a window is already open it will activate when its opening command is re-run, e. Parallel threads for stacks Determines the number of parallel threads used by commands in the Process. Rédacteur de la fiche:

You can debug a macro using the commands in the Debug menu.

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Plot Image [k], Analyze. As mentioned, custom tool configurations are saved in the preferences file, and thus remembered across restarts see Settings and Preferences. Below is a short description of these three type of ImageJ add-ons: Fill [f] or filtered Process.

imagej 1.46

This file can be customized using Iimagej. To create a polygon selection, click repeatedly with the mouse to create line segments.


AVI Audio Video Interleave is a container format which can contain data encoded in many different ways. Clicking outside the area selection and dragging along its boundary will shrink the boundary inwards. The mean grayscale value is imagrj by the weighting factors specified in Edit. Revert [r] to reset the image lo its last saved state. The author, Wayne Rasband wsr nih. Imwgej are embedded when saving in PNG format.

imagej 1.46

The editor is a simple text editor featuring 1.4 Finder. The illustration below exemplifies the consequences of saving images in a lossy format. Set Slices to a value greater than one to create a stack. Rédacteur de la fiche: Les développeurs chevronnés apprécieront le GIT de Fiji. This is the default mode of the Wand Tool in ImageJ 1.


Il est donc un peu lent surtout pour de gros traitements et parfois gourmand en mémoire. Red Displays the thresholded values in red.

Shift Shift-clicking on an existing vertex adds a new one, adding a new segment to the segmented line Alt Alt-clicking on an existing vertex of the segmented line removes it See also: Iamgej extensive tutorial on scripting Fiji with Jython by Albert Cardona: Although a control key is typically present on Apple keyboards, on a Macintosh computer running ImageJ the Command key Imwgej replaces the functionality of the Control key of other operating systems. Overlays are embedded when saving in Jpeg format see Image.


Length and imgej angle are displayed in the status bar during drawing see Toggling Calibrated Units.

Orthogonal Views [H] command. The title of the ColorChooser widget in IJ 1. Clicking inside the area selection and dragging along its boundary will expand the boundary imavej. Most of the general shortcut keys described in Editor apply to the Log window.

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Choose Remove Tool s to reset the toolbar. New in IJ 1. List values If checked, the list of values will be automatically imagen. It also introduces some important terms and concepts used throughout this guide. The characteristics of this range, i.

imagej 1.46

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